Family of Me

by Daphne
Updates Mondays and Fridays

Scene 25: Picnic Day

Bloom (High school me): Come on!

Lark (20s me): I’m coming, wait up!

(Bloom dashes playfully across a sunny field, her long, flowy sundress billowing in the breeze. She’s holding a picnic basket in the crook of her arm which is swinging wildly to and fro. Lark hurries behind, holding her own sundress up at the skirt to avoid stepping on it. I follow them both several paces behind, content to arrive in my own time. Bloom comes to a sudden stop under a shady maple tree.)

Bloom: This spot is perfect! It’s out of the sun and the maple is so pretty.

Lark (panting): Thank goodness you stopped; I didn’t think I’d ever catch up!

Bloom: Oh, you’re fine. What, did you forget how to run now that you’re a girl?

Lark (blushing): I… No, it’s just…

Bloom (smiling): Still getting used to wearing a dress?

Lark: Yeah. It feels pretty different than what I’m used to. It’s incredible though, don’t get me wrong!

Bloom (laughing): Sure, dresses are amazing! And watch…

(Bloom twirls around, her skirt opening up around her like an upside down flower.)

Bloom: Skirt go spinny!

Lark (laughing): Haha! Aren’t you dizzy?

Bloom: Sure, but it’s worth it! Can you help me spread out the picnic blanket?

(Bloom sets the picnic basket down and produces a red and white gingham picnic blanket from the top of it. She opens it with a flourish over the flat grass and smoothes out the corners with Lark. The two of them sit down on the blanket as I approach.)

Lark: There, that looks right.

Bloom: Yup! Oh wait, I nearly forgot!

(Bloom reaches into the picnic basket and produces a flower crown with pink and red ribbons trailing from the back of it. She smiles at it and then sets it on her head.)

Bloom: It’s the perfect weather for this! Mom shared a memory of a party she attended once where girls were making flower crowns, so I made this for myself. Oh, but you don’t have one, do you? I know you weren’t really into girly things…

Lark (disappointed): No, I guess I wasn’t. I really missed out, didn’t I? It’s okay; I can visit that memory another time…

Mom (Present me): You don’t want the crown you made before?

(In my hand is the flower crown Lark made a week and a half ago, yellow ribbons fluttering lazily in the breeze. I offer it to Lark, who takes it from my hand with wide eyes.)

Lark: You kept this for me?

Mom: Of course I did.

(Lark sets it gingerly on her head, tears gathering at the corner of her eyes as a smile spreads across her face.)

Lark (blushing again): Thanks Mom.

Mom: Always, Lark.

(I take a seat on the blanket as well, looking up to see a timid Lark shyly smiling at a grinning Bloom.)

Mom: I’m glad you two are getting along better.

Lark: It’s… It’s nice to be one of the girls.

Bloom: It really is. I *love* this picnic idea! Next time I want a real one though!

Mom: I know, I remember your New Year’s resolution. I’m working on it.

Lark: Wait, you don’t have any memories of a picnic like this? Can’t you make one?

Mom: Not now I can’t; it’s still winter.

Lark: You’ve been out for over a year though.

Mom (embarrassed): I wasn’t wearing dresses until pretty recently. I wear them all the time now, but… It took me a while to get comfortable with wearing more feminine clothing.

Lark (sympathetic): Oh. I get that… It took me a while to catch on too.

Mom (smiling): Thanks Lark.

Bloom: I understand too, Mom, don’t worry. But let’s find a way to have a picnic this summer, okay?

Mom: Okay Bloom. Promise.