Family of Me

by Daphne
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Scene 59: Listening Together

Lark (The Dreamer): Mom, can I talk to you?

Mom (Me): Of course, Lark. What’s up?

Lark: It’s Ivy. I’ve been trying for a while to become closer friends with her, but…

Mom: But?

Lark: But she’s always busy revisiting memories. She’s hardly taken any time to herself, let alone been available to the rest of us.

Mom: That’s true, but I get it — she arrived pretty recently and she has a lot to catch up on. She seems particularly determined to work her way through her memories.

Lark: I know, and I get it too, but I was really hoping she and I would have a stronger bond. I even revisited some memories hoping to run into her, but it’s like she hasn’t visited any of your recent memories at all. I figured she’d want to see how your marriage has developed.

Mom: Oh… I told her to work through her memories in chronological order — that she’d be missing important context by jumping ahead.

Lark: What? You didn’t tell me that.

Mom: I didn’t, but you’re not The Companion. I think she’s more sensitive to the relationship with our partner than you are, and…

Lark: And?

Mom (uneasy): I… I don’t want her to get the wrong idea.

Lark (confused): The wrong idea about what?

Mom (cagey): It’s complicated. Though now that you know she’s visiting earlier memories, you should have a better chance of finding her.

Lark: I suppose… But since we’re talking about it, maybe you can just bring her here?

Mom: I think she’s busy at the moment; it would be rude to just yank her out of what she was doing.

Lark: Why don’t we visit her then? You know where she is — you can warp us both right to her.

Mom: It kind of feels like you’re forcing this, Lark. You don’t have to feel any particular way about her.

Lark (pained): I know, but… I don’t know, this is important to me. Please?

Mom: Okay, if you insist…

(Our surroundings shift until they take on the second floor of a bar. A railing borders a large hole down to the first floor, creating a sort of indoor balcony. Chairs are set up along the balcony, perfect seating for anyone watching the band that’s playing on the stage down below. Ivy sits in one of the chairs, watching said band.)

Ivy (The Companion): Hey, welcome to the show.

Lark (nervous): Hey… I’m sorry to bother you, but I was hoping to see you and I was talking with Mom…

Ivy (interrupting): It’s fine, Mom filled me in.

Lark (surprised): What? When?

Mom: Just before we shifted over — I asked Ivy if it’d be alright if we visited, and let her know we’d be coming.

Lark (flustered): Oh. Uh, Ivy… I was hoping we could be friends.

Ivy (confused): Aren’t we already friends? I mean… We’re sisters, Lark.

Lark: I know, but we could be closer friends! I’ve barely spent any time with you; we could spend more time together.

Ivy: I guess? I just got here and I’m still getting acclimated, honestly… It’s not like there’s any shortage of time.

Lark (excited): But what if Mom needs us to help her with something? Who knows how much time we’ll actually have together!

Mom: Whoa there — I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon..

Ivy (cautious): I feel like it might make more sense to let things develop organically?

Lark (deperate): This can be organic! We’ve literally shared the same organs! Come on, give me a chance!

Mom (surprised): Lark, what’s gotten into you!? You don’t have to push so hard; where is all this urgency coming from? 

Lark (defeated): I just need a good friend, you know? Bloom and Libra are good friends. I’m their sister but I’m not close to them the way they’re close with each other…

Mom: Lark, we’ve talked about this. I didn’t change uniformly over time, so some sisters are going to be closer to each other than others.

Lark: I know, I know! But you summoned Ivy so I’d have a chance to have a relationship like theirs, and…

Ivy (shocked): Wait, you only wanted to summon me so I’d be your friend? Is that why you’re so eager to summon my older sister!?

Lark (panicked): I… I just…

Mom: Honestly, it’s not the worst motivation, Ivy.

Ivy (flustered): I… I guess not. I understand the appeal of having a close friend, but you just can’t force this stuff.

Lark (tearful): I’m sorry, I just… I didn’t…

Ivy (soothing): Hey… It’s okay, you’re still my sister. You’ll always be my sister. I was listening to a band play — a band our partner really loved. Do you want to listen to the show with me?

Lark (timid): Is that okay? You’ll give me a chance?

Ivy: Sure, you can sit next to me — Let’s listen together.

(Ivy and Lark take a seat along the balcony as the band starts to play. I watch them both as they listen intently to the band, and then take my leave.)