Family of Me

by Daphne
Updates Mondays and Fridays

Scene 67: Beach Day

(I step out onto the sand tentatively, testing its warmth. Despite the sun shining down on me, the sand is cool under my feet.)

Mom (Me): I guess there are some advantages to visiting a beach here, huh?

Ivy (The Companion): Indeed there are! It feels lovely here.

(Ivy walks past me on the sand, wearing a green one-piece swimsuit. She’s carrying a beach chair and a large bag of other supplies, looking around for a good spot to claim as our own. I pull absent-mindedly on the attached skirt of my own black one-piece swimsuit before pulling the cooler behind me onto the sand, carrying my own beach chair behind me.)

Mom (calling ahead): Let’s get a spot in the sun, Ivy!

Lark (The Dreamer): Yes please! Otherwise I’ll have dragged this umbrella out here for nothing.

(Lark stops beside me for a moment, a large beach umbrella resting on one shoulder. Her yellow bikini shines in the sun as she gazes out over the sand.)

Mom: I’m glad you came out, Lark — I was worried you’d skip it, considering how you’ve been feeling.

Lark: I wouldn’t say I’m *better*, exactly, but I didn’t want to miss this. I’ll enjoy the chance to sunbathe a bit — no risk of skin cancer here, after all!

Mom (smiling): Hah, there’s the Lark I know.

Bloom (The Survivor, shouting): WOOO, BEACH DAY!

(Bloom streaks past Lark and I in her red one-piece swimsuit, making a beeline straight for the water. Libra runs past a few paces behind in her own orange bikini, chasing after Bloom.)

Libra (The Friend): Wait up, sis — we’re not even set up yet!

(I watch as Bloom dashes past Ivy and splashes into the water, whereas Libra stops alongside Ivy to help her unpack. Lark and I catch up to the two of them shortly; I unfold my beach chair as Lark struggles to get the beach umbrella planted.)

Bloom (insistent): Come *on* sis, let’s swim! I thought you were chasing me!

(I look over to see Bloom standing nearby, dripping wet after her short dunk into the water.)

Libra: You could help us set up, you know…

Bloom (guilty): I suppose I should…

Lark: As long as we don’t mind you getting everything wet.

Bloom (embarrassed): Oh, sorry.

Mom: It’s fine Bloom; everything here dries quickly. Why are you so excited though? You can come and swim here whenever you want.

Bloom: Not with the whole family I can’t! This is really exciting.

Mom: Hah, I guess so… ‘Tis the season.

Bloom: Besides, I’m hoping doing things like this here will give you the confidence to do this in real life.

Mom (indignant): I’ve worn this swimsuit in real life!

Bloom (excited): You did!?

Libra: She wore it to a pool and even sat in a hot tub with other women; haven’t you visited the memory?

Bloom: I guess I’ve been busy…

Mom: Something to look forward to, then. Okay girls, I think we’re set up!

Bloom: Alright! Let’s swim!

Libra: Aren’t you forgetting something?

Bloom (crestfallen): What now?

Libra (singsong): Your older sister’s faster than you are~

(Libra suddenly dashes off towards the water without warning. Bloom lets out a shout of surprise before turning and tearing off after her sister. I smile and settle into my chair alongside Lark and Ivy.)

Ivy (wistful): I hope to have kids of my own someday.

Mom (worried): Part of my mind creating another part of my mind… I’m not sure how that would work, exactly.

Ivy: Oh, I don’t mean here. I just feel a mild compulsion to be a parent someday, you know.

Lark: Yeah, our “start a family” life goal. You know she did, right? Mom becomes a parent later in her life.

Ivy: Oh! That must be after my time, since I don’t remember it.

Lark: Sometimes I forget you’re going through Mom’s memories in chronological order. Maybe you can ask our older sister about it once she’s able to join us.

Ivy: I will for sure, Lark. Speaking of goals, do you have any for the summer?

Mom: Who, me?

Ivy: Yes you! I think your daughters’ goals are pretty clear.

Mom (contemplative): I suppose they are. My life has become a good deal more stable recently, but at the expense of my time. So I want to make sure I can keep writing, and then I want to focus on hair and makeup. I’m hoping to learn how to do them by the end of the year.

Lark (sarcastic): Finally, our Mom will have a touch of style.

Mom (playful): Hey, I’m a little stylish! I accessorize.

Lark (smiling): You do fine Mom, I’m teasing. I love you either way.

Mom: I love you too, dear.

Ivy: *I’d* love to get into the water. Who’s coming with me?

Mom: Sure, I could go for a swim. How about you, Lark?

Lark: Nah, I’m going to stay here and sunbathe for a bit.

Mom (standing): Suit yourself. Last one in’s a rotten egg!

(I make a dash toward the water immediately.)

Ivy: Hey, no fair!

(Ivy calls after me as I run and within moments she’s caught up to me. She takes a moment to turn and stick her tongue out at me just as we both crash into the water together.)