Family of Me

by Daphne
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Scene 84: Dream Meeting

(Lark walks along a path beside a grass field. The occasional tree has been planted near the path, offering shade and pleasant scenery. A wildlife restoration area behind her offers a fascinating array of tall grasses, plants, and butterflies, but her attention is on the conflict unfolding in the distance.

In the center of the field is a man, clearly the villain here, as he raises person-shaped constructs from the earth to terrorize the assorted park-goers. On the edge of the field stands Daphne, sporting long, straight, crimson hair along with matching fox ears and tail. She narrows her eyes in determination as she leaps skyward, a ring of eight individual flames appearing and floating around her in a ring. As she slams into the ground in front of the villain, a tidal wave of flame bursts outward in every direction, flattening the villain’s constructs in a single blow.

Daphne and the villain both square off with determined expressions, but Lark’s attention has turned to the wildlife stretching behind her. Acting on a hunch, she moves her hand as if pushing aside a curtain and every plant and grass in the reserve bends aside until all of it lays flat on the ground. Standing among the flattened grass is her twin, now fully exposed, staring back at Lark in shock.)

Lark’s Twin (shocked): Wh… How…

Lark (The Dreamer): I’m the Dreamer — did you think you could sneak up on me in a dream?

Lark’s Twin: Kind of, yeah! How did you notice me!? And only Mom can shape the world at will; you shouldn’t have been able to push this grass aside!

Lark: Things seem to be a little different for me. In Mom’s memories I’m bound by the same restrictions as any of my sisters, but in Mom’s dreams the limitations are relaxed. So I sensed you as something that wasn’t part of this dream, and I moved the grass. Maybe you noticed, but I had to push it aside — I can’t change things as effortlessly as Mom.

Lark’s Twin: Huh. Is that why those two…

(Lark turns to regard Dream Daphne and the villain, who are still facing each other, frozen in their ready stances.)

Lark: Yes. They’re on pause, more or less.

Lark’s Twin (hesitant): So uh… Can we…

(Lark’s Twin shifts uncomfortably.)

Lark (smiling): Come out of the tall grass and we’ll watch them together.

(Lark’s Twin steps onto the field beside Lark as the grass rises back up to its former height. The two of them turn to watch the dream unfold as the villain draws a huge, hulking construct up out of the ground to defend him. The construct swings a massive fist at Daphne who leaps deftly back, dodging the blow. As she lands, she whips her arm forward, sending four of her floating flames after the new threat.

The flames twist through the air, weaving and striking the enemy with glancing blows. The construct doesn’t appear to be seriously hurt, but it loses its focus, swatting away one of the flames as it moves to defend itself. As the construct extinguishes another one of the flames with a sudden thrust, Daphne draws her four remaining flames into a single large ball, which she grasps and pulls into a flaming katana just as the construct sweeps the last of the flames around it away. Enraged, the giant advances on its original target.

The construct swings its massive fist at Daphne again, but this time she brings her blade up as the limb whooshes by mere inches away from her face. The sword’s effect is immediately apparent as half of the construct’s arm sails forward through the air while the half still connected to its shoulder finishes its arc. Without a moment’s hesitation, Daphne lunges towards the construct, whipping the katana around her head and bringing it cleanly down through the construct’s midsection. The formidable foe strains to move for just a moment before collapsing into two gargantuan halves and melting back into the earth.

Once more Daphne narrows her eyes in determination as she squares up against the villain. The villain’s eyes widen in horror as the four extinguished flames flicker back into being around Daphne’s body; meanwhile her katana is burning brighter than ever. Clearly outmatched, the villain turns and runs as fast as his legs will take him. Satisfied, Daphne releases the katana, letting it and the floating flames dissolve into the air. A moment later her foxy form dissolves as well, leaving her standing in the park as her ordinary self.)

Lark’s Twin (awestruck): That was badass.

Lark (content): I’m glad you enjoyed it — I wonder if others will share your opinion. Still, you didn’t come here just to watch the show, did you?

Lark’s Twin (timid): Oh. No, I… I was trying to work up my courage… To talk to you.

Lark: Just me?

Lark’s Twin: Yeah, I wanted to talk to you in private.

Lark: It’s still Mom’s head — nothing here is really private from her, you know.

Lark’s Twin: I know… I mean I wanted to talk to you alone. Just the two of us, no Mom or other sisters. I know Mom could easily find me, but she hasn’t come looking for me. I think she’s willing to give me the space to talk to you on my own.

Lark: She must, or she’d be here now. What did you want to say to me?

(Lark’s Twin fidgets uncomfortably for a few seconds before speaking up.)

Lark’s Twin (tense): I wanted to say I’m sorry. I’ve been in your body all this time, I’ve been influencing your thoughts and actions, you didn’t know about it, and you certainly didn’t agree to it. That wasn’t fair.

Lark (unimpressed): Fair or not, it wasn’t your fault. Mom mixed the two of us together, though even she didn’t do it on purpose. I’m not going to hold it against you at all.

(Tears begin to wind their way down Lark’s twin’s face as the tension in her body escapes.)

Lark’s Twin (tearful): Thank you… Sister.

Lark (smiling): Of course, my dear twin. I was going to visit my other sisters after this; I’d be happy to bring you with me.

Lark’s Twin (hesitant): No thank you. I’ll go soon, I think, but I’m not ready yet… I’m not sure I’ll be welcome. I had so much trouble accepting I’m trans, and I get in Mom’s face a lot, and I… Part of me feels like I’m not really wanted anymore.

Lark (frowning): I don’t think that’s the case at all. How about this — I’ll ask Mom about it for you. I’ll let you know how that conversation goes, and then you can think it over.

Lark’s Twin (stunned): You’d do that for me? After everything I did to you, you’re still willing to help me?

Lark (dismissive): Of course I am. I told you that wasn’t your fault, and besides, you’re my sister. That’s all the reason I need.

Lark’s Twin (crying): Th… Thank you. I’ll stay near here so you can find me again.

Lark (smiling): I’ll come back for you.