Family of Me

by Daphne
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Scene 100: Triple Digits

Lark (The Dreamer): We did it!

Aura (The Professional): What did we do?

Lark (excited): We reached 100 scenes! We’ve overcome our anxiety at putting our words out into the world 100 times!

Aura (nonplussed): Okay, I guess? It’s just a number.

Lark: A number with three digits! We should be celebrating!

(Lark leaps up and runs off, leaving a bewildered Aura behind. A moment later she returns, pulling Bloom and Libra along with her.)

Libra (The Friend): Whoa, where are we going?

Lark: Here!

(Bloom looks around, noticing nothing of particular interest.)

Bloom (The Survivor): Uh… What’s here?

Lark: You’re here!

Bloom: No, I mean… Whuh?

(Without waiting for Bloom to finish, Lark dashes off again.)

Libra (confused): Did she explain any of this to you, Aura?

Aura: Not really. She just shouted “we reached 100 scenes” and then ran off.

Bloom (astonished): Has it been 100 scenes already? Gosh, it feels like it was just yesterday that I showed that mask to Mom.

Libra: That was nearly a year ago, Bloom.

Aura: I suppose Lark wanted to celebrate that.

Lark: Of course I do!

(Lark returns as suddenly as she left, dragging Ivy behind her.)

Ivy (The Partner): Slow down, Lark! Oh, hey sisters — what’s gotten into her?

Libra: 100 scenes have gotten into her.

Aura: She just got super excited out of nowhere.

Lark (ecstatic): Because it’s exciting! Okay Mom, you’re the last to arrive! Come join us!

Mom (Me): Join you for what?

Lark: This is the 100th scene! Three digits is a big deal; it calls for a party!

Mom: Ah… Aren’t you forgetting something though?

Lark: What’s that?

Mom: The party.

(Lark looks confused for a moment, then shocked, then embarrassed.)

Lark (reserved): Oh… I didn’t plan anything. I guess I got a little overexcited.

Libra: It’s still nice to be together as a family. What should we do?

Aura (pensive): We could try to summon Ivy’s elder sister.

Ivy (upset): Hang on, that again? I thought you were done trying to push me aside.

Aura (apologetic): I’m sorry it feels that way, Ivy. I just figured you’ve been around in our headspace for a while now, and we overcame a pretty significant mental barrier recently — you and I patched up our relationship.

Ivy (calmer): I suppose that’s true, we did. That feels like significant growth, doesn’t it?

Aura: I thought so. What do you think, Mom?

Mom: I guess it’s worth a try.

Bloom: It would be nice to meet my elder sister.

Lark: It’d be significant story-wise too; revealing a new character in the 100th scene. Let’s try it.

Mom: Okay then — here goes.

(I close my eyes to focus as my daughters look on. A moment passes, then another, and then another. As the seconds stretch into a minute, I open my eyes again.)

Mom: I can’t do it yet.

Aura: You can’t? But we’ve overcome our differences…

Mom: That’s significant and I’m grateful, but it doesn’t seem to be the barrier holding your elder sister back.

Ivy: I guess we’ll have to keep processing our past then — and keep growing as a family.

Mom: Yup. Even after 100 scenes, we still have plenty to do.

(My family stands in silence for a moment, collectively holding the weight of the challenges to come.)

Lark: Well… Maybe we could have cake instead?

Mom (smiling): Sure, I can manage cake.

(I snap my fingers and a table appears, set for six. On the table is a white cake with “100 Scenes” written on the top with silver icing.)

Bloom: Nice! Let’s eat!

(Bloom leaps up and cuts herself a generous slice while the rest of us smile and chat as we wait our turn.)