Family of Me

by Daphne
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Extra Scene 9: Mother’s Day 2024

(The older girl slipped into the room without a sound. Inside, her co-conspirators were already there, the supplies they’d prepared waiting patiently for action. She added her contribution to the stock and nodded a silent signal to the other girls. As one they took their positions and faced the target. With one swift motion the older girl reached out towards the target, tapping them swiftly on the leg…)

Mom (Me): Aaah! Ugh… Huh?

All (enthusiastically): Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom (surprised): Oh goodness girls! What is all this…

Ivy (The Companion): It’s Mother’s Day! We thought we’d surprise you with breakfast in bed.

Aura (The Professional): We made quite the spread, I’d say! Eggs, pancakes, some baked goods…

(I do my best to focus as I rub sleep out of my eyes and push myself up to a sleeping position.)

Mom (struggling): Sorry, I’m not quite awake yet…

Lark (The Dreamer): That’s okay, we made coffee too!

Mom (yawning): That’s sweet girls, but didn’t you do this for me last year?

Bloom (The Survivor): No, we waited until you got out of bed last year. This year we snuck into your room!

Mom (snickering): I admit this does feel different. What about all of you though?

Kay (The Friend): We made enough for ourselves too. Joining you on the bed might be challenging…

Mom: Oh, that’s no trouble. Give me a moment…

(In a flash, my bed is wide enough for seven people to sleep comfortably, complete with pillows and duvets for each.)

Mom: See? Room for every dwarf.

Bloom: Ugh, that joke was awful, Mom.

(Lark smiled mischievously, a pair of fox ears appearing on her head.)

Fox Lark: No dwarves here, I’m afraid. Have you space for foxes instead?

Mom (smiling): Always, dear hearts. Though… I see Twyla’s not with you.

Ivy (sad): No… She didn’t want to celebrate with us.

Aura: She has trouble seeing herself as a mother… So I suppose she has trouble seeing you as a mother too.

Mom: That’s disappointing, but I get it. It took a while for me to accept that label, I’m sure it’ll take time for her too.

(The girls have an impromptu moment of silence for their sister, but it isn’t long before Bloom jumps on the bed and drops a dining tray over my legs.)

Bloom (insistent): Less moping, more eating! We’re here to celebrate you, let’s do it!

Me (laughing): That’s fair, Bloom. Alright, let’s get this family breakfast in bed started.

(With a few minutes of coordinated bustle, six trays are set with breakfast food, and six Star girls have taken their place in bed. As one, they all dig into breakfast together, filling their bellies and enjoying each other’s company.)

As mentioned on Monday, I’m on break next week as I travel for work, so the next story scene will be posted on the 20th of May! See you then~