Family of Me

by Daphne
Updates Mondays and Fridays

Scene 6: Nicknames

High School Me: I’m bored!

College Me: Read a book?

HS: What books? There’s nothing here!

Present Me: Can’t you access our memories, Daphne?

College: Who are you talking to?

HS: Yeah, we’re both Daphne. Oooh! We need nicknames!

College: Wait, what?

Present: That’s not a bad idea. It’s only going to get more complicated as more of us arrive.

College (sarcastic): Of course; historically we’ve been so good at coming up with nicknames.

HS: Yeah, but we’re girls now! Girls are better at nicknames!

College: That doesn’t make any sense.

HS: Hush! I’m in school, so I can be Schoolgirl! Or… The New Girl, since I’m the youngest!

College: Those are both awful.

HS: Fine, let’s hear your ideas then.

College: I think I should get to be Daphne. I picked it, after all.

HS: That’s not fair!

Present: I agree. Just because you were the first to use it doesn’t make it yours. That name belongs to all of us.

HS: You could be College Girl!

College: Do all your suggestions have the word “girl” in them? I told you we were bad at this.

Present (to HS): Hang on, I think I’ve got this. You’re going through our first puberty, and you’re really feeling gender friction for the first time. You’re just starting to grow, kind of like a budding flower… Let’s call you Bloom.

Bloom: Oooh, I like that! It’s like a fairy name!

College: It’s from Winx Club. Which I want everyone to know we have never watched!

Bloom: No, but you played the Winx Club Gameboy Advance game because it had fairies in it!

College (embarrassed): Wh… Hey! I… That’s…

Present (to College): Oh, get over yourself. As for you, you have unfettered access to the Internet for the first time, and you’re basking in new experiences and knowledge. Maybe something bookish… You can be Libra.

Libra (surprised): Oh! I… I like that.

Present: Great! As for me…

Bloom: You don’t need a nickname! You’re just Mom.

Libra: Yeah, we both call you Mom already.

Mom: But… Oh fine, why not.

Bloom: Yay Nicknames! Thanks Mom!

Libra: What if we get tired of them?

Mom: Then we change them. As often as we need to, as many times as we want. Just like any other name.

Libra: Huh, okay. Thanks Mom.

Mom: You’re welcome, girls.