Family of Me

by Daphne
Updates Mondays and Fridays

Scene 75: Family Huddle

Mom (Me): Thanks for coming, girls.

Bloom (The Survivor): Of course, Mom. What happened?

Ivy (The Companion): What happened is Mom pushed a girl out of Lark’s body.

Libra (The Friend, surprised): Wait, someone was *inside* Lark?

Lark (The Dreamer, shaken): She… She looked like my twin…

Bloom (shocked): What!? Where is she?

Ivy: As soon as she realized she wasn’t inside Lark anymore she ran off. Who knows where she is now.

Libra: Mom knows; this is all inside her head! Can you take you to us, Mom?

Mom: Of course I can…

Libra: Great, I want to see who this girl is…

Mom: …but I won’t.

Libra (confused): Wh… Why not? Shouldn’t we find her? Who knows what she is… Or what damage she could do!

Mom: She’s part of me, just like all of you are. She’s not here to break anything.

Bloom: Wait, if she’s like us… Are you saying she’s our sister?

Lark (still shaken): My twin… Twin sister…

Ivy (worried): Lark, are you okay?

Lark (hurt): I don’t… No, I don’t think so.

Bloom: Wait a moment, back up. Mom, earlier you tried to summon the next sister, right? And you couldn’t, you had to break through some mental barrier first.

Mom: That’s correct.

Bloom: So if this girl is the next sister, then this must mean you’ve solved it! So she must not realize she’s trans yet, and if she’s anything like Lark it’s going to take her a while…

Mom (sorrowful): No Bloom, she’s not the next sister. Not in the way you’re thinking.

Libra: So if she’s not our sister…

Mom: I didn’t say that. She’s my daughter, as sure as you are. She’s just not the elder daughter I tried to summon.

Lark: Twin. She’s my twin.

Ivy: Mom, I’m worried about Lark…

Mom: Lark needs time, just as her twin does. Lark, when we’re finished here I can give you my undivided attention. Do you think you can hang on until then?

Lark: I… Yes, I can.

Libra: We need to decide what to do about this mystery sister! If she’s Lark’s twin then she’s probably hiding in Lark’s memories, so if we start our search there…

Mom: Please don’t.

Libra (hurt): But then she… Why don’t you want us to find her, Mom?

Mom: Because she doesn’t deserve to be hunted down. That goes for all of you — don’t go looking for her. When she’s ready she’ll come to us, and if we’re all running around after her like she’s some sort of prey animal, then she won’t be ready for a long time.

Libra: I… I see your point.

Bloom: So… What should we do in the meantime?

Mom: We’ll keep up our work, same as we’ve always done — but remember your new sister as you go. I think if we start making a place for her in our hearts, she’ll be willing to try filling it.

Bloom (determined): Okay Mom! I’ll do it!

Libra: I trust you… I’ll do it too.

Ivy: Of course, Mother.

Lark (distant): I…

Mom: It’s okay, Lark. Would you take a walk with me?

(Lark is silent for a few moments.)

Lark (timid): Okay.