Family of Me

by Daphne
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Scene 76: Missing Piece

(Lark and I have been walking together for a good while, no words passing between us. Lark still looks as if she’d seen a ghost, except that the ghost was real and was also her twin sister. A couple of times along the way Lark took a breath as if she were preparing to speak, but each time she let the air out in a sigh, saying nothing. Finally, after half an hour of walking, Lark stopped and spoke up.)

Lark (The Dreamer): Mom, what am I?

Mom (Me): You’re The Dreamer. And you represent me as I was in my 20s.

Lark: My twin… She’s the same age as me.

Mom: Yes… I think she’s also me in my 20s.

Lark: Is she a Dreamer too?

Mom: No, daughter. Your roles are unique; you alone are The Dreamer. She’s… Something else.

(Lark stopped to contemplate that.)

Lark: What’s her name?

Mom: I haven’t given her one yet. I’d rather do that with her present, honestly.

Lark: That’s fair.

Mom: I appreciate your concern for her, but I’m more concerned about you right now. How do *you* feel?

Lark: I’m… I’m stunned. And I feel… Betrayed, somehow? I’m not sure how to explain it.

Mom: You don’t have to explain it. We can figure it out together.

Lark: Thanks Mom. Honestly though, I’m more shocked at what I *don’t* feel.

Mom: What do you mean?

Lark: Something inside me was forced out and then that thing ran away on its own. I’d expect to feel empty or broken, somehow. Maybe some yearning for my missing half. But I don’t. I feel whole. I feel a peace I’m not sure I’ve ever felt before.

Mom: I don’t think your twin is part of you, Lark. She’s not a piece of you that broke away; she’s her own distinct person. Well, a distinct part of me, anyways.

Lark: Then why was she in my body?

Mom: Because… Because I didn’t know there were two of you. When I started this journey, I hadn’t realized you girls were my personas. You represented me in my 20s; you were the echo of who I once was and all the turmoil and hardship I faced within myself during those years.

Lark: That’s how I saw myself too, honestly… But that changed, didn’t it?

Mom: It did. Before I could find Ivy, I had to reach a deeper understanding of who you girls are — I eventually realized you’re all my personas.

Lark: And that’s when you realized I’m The Dreamer.

Mom: Exactly, but something still felt off. Bloom’s persona and Libra’s both map comfortably onto them, and Ivy’s does too. But yours didn’t.

Lark (confused): What do you mean?

Mom: I mean I still felt things that didn’t seem like they were coming from any of you girls. Things that seemed like they came from you, or at least from your time — things that felt like me in my 20s but didn’t feel like The Dreamer.

Lark: Me but… Not me…

Mom: In the last few weeks it felt like you’ve been conflicted, like you couldn’t control your emotions — like you were reacting to things beyond your control.

Lark: It was awful, Mom. I couldn’t understand why I was having so much trouble making friends with Ivy.

Mom: I don’t think you were the one reacting poorly to Ivy — I think your twin was.

Lark: Why does she hate Ivy so much?

Mom: I don’t think she hates Ivy… Did it feel like hate to you?

Lark: If I’m being honest, no… I remember feeling like I wanted desperately to connect with Ivy, but that I couldn’t find a way to do it. Historical baggage kept getting in the way.

Mom: Do you remember what that baggage was?

Lark: I… I’m not sure.

Mom: I think you’re still suffering from some degree of shock — she was a part of you until very recently, and it might take some time before your memories of your time together are clear again.

(Lark ponders my words for a few moments, at peace with her need to recover.)

Lark: Something’s still bothering me about my twin… If she’s not The Dreamer, then what is she?

Mom: That’s for us to discover, and I think you might be the key to understanding her. Once your memories return, I hope you can help us understand who she is and what her goals are.

Lark: I guess I’d better heal up as soon as I can then, huh?

Mom: No, Lark. The rules here haven’t changed — you still get all the time you need and deserve, and I’m here to help you along the way. We’re going to figure this out together.

Lark (relieved): Thanks Mom. I think… I think the first thing I need is rest… So I’m going to go rest for a bit.

Mom: Good girl.