Family of Me

by Daphne
Updates Mondays and Fridays

Scene 126: Home Sweet Home

Mom (Me): Good morning girls.

Bloom (The Survivor): Good morning Mom!

Kay (The Friend): Good morning. What are we talking about today?

Mom: I wanted to talk our living arrangements. It doesn’t look like everyone’s here yet though.

Kay: You can bring them here in an instant, can’t you?

Mom: I could, but it’s nicer to go places under your own power, don’t you think?

Kay: Yeah, that’s fair. We can wait until everyone’s here, I suppose.

Mom: I don’t think we need to do that. Why don’t we get started now and I’ll talk to my daughters as they arrive.

Bloom (eager): Okay! Get started with what?

Mom: I’ve been thinking about what Ivy said at the picnic; that it would be nice to have a place to call home here in the headspace. I like that idea, so I want to know what everyone wants in a home. Why don’t I start with you, Bloom? You can tell me what you want in a home, and I’ll ask each of your sisters in turn.

Bloom: First of all, I want to feel safe. I’m The Survivor, so I’m sure I can weather anything, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to.

Mom: More than nice; I think feeling safe and secure at home is essential. But that sounds like something you don’t want in the home; that being threats. What do you want there?

Bloom (pensive): Huh, I’m not entirely sure. Somewhere that I could have friends over… In theory, anyways. Somewhere calm; a place that I can recharge guilt-free. Somewhere I can curl up with a book or a video game and zone out for a while.

Mom: So someplace that… Feels like home.

Bloom: Yeah, I guess. Sorry, should I think of more unique features?

Mom (smiling): No no! This is perfect. I want to create a home you’re comfortable in, not make you learn to live in my dream home.

Kay: Even though we’re literally inside your head.

Mom: Yes, but also, we’re also all different facets of the same person. Let’s just accept that the situation is a little unusual. What about you, Kay?

Kay: I don’t think I have any particularly taxing requirements; I’m mainly interested in keeping up with friends and reveling in the feelings that I get from being around them. Oh, and I want a study or library or something!

Mom (smirking): No special requirements, just a library.

Kay (worried): Is that too much? I figured since you don’t have to build it in real life, it wouldn’t be so bad…

Mom (smiling): It’s not; I’m just teasing. Just don’t ask me to make an inventory of every book; that would be a challenge.

Kay (happy): It’s a deal.

(Lark and Aura arrive in the space and eagerly approach us.)

Lark (The Dreamer): I heard we were discussing the properties of our new home?

Mom: You heard correctly! I’m glad my message reached you.

Lark: It did! I think… I want to be able to reshape things on my own. You know, the way I can sort of do in dreams and you can do everywhere?

Mom: Sure, I get you. Actually, I might be able to do that for everyone…

Aura (The Professional): It would be fun to experience that kind of control! Though I think I’d be happy with a good computer and decent wi-fi.

Mom: Pre-loaded with a number of games, I assume.

Aura (defensive): It’s healthy to take a break every so often!

(Ivy and Twyla arrive as I’m talking with Aura.)

Mom: Hah, of course. I think everyone’s going to need their own room that they can decorate or reshape as they like, and I’d like a large common space suitable for having the occasional gathering.

Ivy (The Partner): Could the common space have some plants? Or maybe there could be a garden out back…

Mom: You want to take up gardening?

Ivy: I want to brighten up our space! Make it a little livelier.

Bloom (teasing): Livelier than all of us?

Ivy (cheerful): Sure, why not? Maybe it’s the influence of the nickname you gave me, but plants feel like a good choice.

Mom: I think I can arrange for some plants. What about you, Twyla?

Twyla (The Parent): I… I want to care for something, I think. We have cats now, don’t we? Outside the headspace, I mean.

Mom: Yes, two of them.

Twyla: Maybe we can get a cat for our headspace home too.

Lark (excited): Or a fox!

Mom (unsure): Uh… Can I give that one a little thought?

Twyla: Yes, I suppose. In the meantime I just want somewhere comfortable where I can rest. Parenting is exhausting.

Mom: That it is, Twyla. Somewhere to rest sounds divine.

Kay: That’s all of us… Do you need some time before you can start building?

Mom: No, I have a place in mind now. Have you seen Encanto?

Ivy: I mean, you have, so…

Mom: Right. I think that’s our starting point: the front door opens up to a large, central open area for entertaining and gathering. Then adjoining rooms of whatever kind we need, including a sizeable kitchen across from the front door. Spiral staircases lead up to the second floor at each corner of the central room, leading up to a second floor balcony that goes around the perimeter of the gathering space and overlooks the first floor.

Lark: And our rooms are on the second floor, like in the movie?

Mom: Exactly. Two on each of three sides; and my room on the fourth, across from the front door. You’ll all be able to borrow my power to reshape your room however you like.

Bloom (excited): All right!

Mom (laughing): I’m glad you approve! The roof can be closed or open to the sky depending on how we’re feeling. And then the third floor is a big open space the size of the central room…

Aura (concerned): Hang on, how can you have a roof open to the sky when you have a third floor above it?

Mom: The headspace doesn’t have to conform to traditional geometry or physics. It’s more important that our home has a consistent symbolic and narrative structure.

Ivy: That… Makes sense, actually. So what’s on the third floor?

Mom: Doors. Shortcuts throughout the headspace, so you don’t have to walk everywhere. You’ll know where they lead, just like you instinctively know how to get there when you want to visit a memory. Conversely, you’ll always be able to bring yourself back home with a thought.

Twyla: That’s… Really thoughtful. Three floors, then?

Mom: Well, there’s a basement, but I’m not sure what’s down there. Basement things, maybe?

Kay (eager): What about decorations?

Mom: I’m not sure of that either! Imagining the look of things has always been a little… Fuzzy. Maybe we can figure it out as we go?

Bloom: Sure, we’ll help you fill in the details!

Lark: Sounds like a plan, Mom. So when can we move in?

Mom (smiling): How about… Now?

(I gesture briefly in front of me, and my daughters all turn around to see the charming Star House already behind them. With a chorus of excited cheers, they all rush off to find their rooms.)