Family of Me

by Daphne
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Scene 4: Meet College Daphne

Me: Good morning, Daphne.

Inner Child: Hi Mom! What’s up?

Me: I’ve been thinking about your siblings. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to manifest them… I started talking to you because I couldn’t avoid feeling like you, but I’m not sure that’s true of the others. Manifesting other versions of myself feels like a solution in search of a problem.

Child: Okay, I get that. But what if it’s like being trans?

Me: What do you mean?

Child: You didn’t think you were trans until you realized you couldn’t be a man. After that, you figured out that we were trans pretty quickly. Maybe in manifesting my siblings, you’ll notice other things you can’t see yet.

Me: I… Suppose that’s possible…

Child: So? Can I meet my sister?

Me: I guess so. It’s going to be rough at first.

Child: Yay! Do it do it do it!

Me: Okay, here goes…

???: What is this place?

Child: YAAAAY!

??? (shocked): Whoa!

Me: Hi. It’s nice to sort-of-meet you. If I did this properly, you should be me when I was in college.

Child: So she’s college you and I’m kid you?

College Me: “She”?

Present Me: You’re kid me, but also like high school me? Let’s just call you “High School Me”, and I’ll be “Present Me”.

High School Me: Got it. Nice to meet you, older sister!

College: I think there’s been some mistake. I’m not a girl.

Present (sighing): Oh right. Listen, you know how you lay in bed late at night, wishing you’d been born a girl?

College: I haven’t done that for years. Have you been telling people our childhood secrets!?

Present: Never mind that. You know when when you’re having… adult daydreams… you always imagine yourself as the girl?

College (embarrassed): Whoa, that’s private! You can’t just tell everybody!

Present: Oh? Why not?

College: People are going to think we’re messed up! We’ll lose all our friends. People can’t just be girls; that has to stay in our head forever.

Present: And what if you could just be a girl? If you could change your gender and not lose your friends and not become a pariah. Would you do it?

College: I, uh… Of course I would try it. Who wouldn’t?

Present: Most people, actually. As it turns out, wanting to be a girl often means you’re already a girl.

College: But it’s… It’s just a fetish, a sex thing. It’s not like I imagine myself as a girl all the time.

Present: But if you could be a girl all the time, wouldn’t you?

College (crying): I… Yes.

Present: Then good news, college me. You are a girl, now and forever.

(High School Daphne hugs College Daphne, who is sitting on the ground and sobbing.)

HS: Nice to meet you, sister!

College (still crying): Sister… I’m really a girl. Do I… Do we have a name?

Present: We do. You already know it; you picked it for us. You thought you were just naming video game characters, but it stuck.

College: Oh! I chose the name Daphne… I’m Daphne!

Present: We’re Daphne, yes.

HS: That was quick. I thought it would take longer to convince her.

Present: It didn’t take long to convince you either, because this is a contrived conversation in my head. Or would you rather take a more realistic approach? Last time it took about two decades to convince you.

College (anxious): No thank you I very much like this version please!

Present: Thought so.

HS: So… Are you going to have to convince every one of my sisters that she’s a girl?

Present: Yup. The shape of my denial changed over time, so I think each version of me will require a unique approach. It might be a while before we can have our all Daphne sleepover.

HS (disappointed): Awww! At least I get to hang out with my big sis!

College: Uh, sure? Not going to lie, this is weird. But… I already like being a girl. Lets hang out, little sister.

Present (smiling): Have fun, you two.